Americana Bubble Gum Machine With Husky Stand


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Comes with a 17 .lb case of gumballs.


Product Description

The Americana gumball machine is a real eye catcher. It is great for home use, at the office, or use in a store.
Free Shipping.


Comes with 17 lb case of assorted gumballs


The Americana Gumball Machine comes with both candy wheel and gumball wheels!!! It can vend jellybeans, runts, M&Ms, and other types of bulk candy with the candy wheel. It can also be setup to vend gumballs, superballs and 1" capsule toy with the gumball wheel. The wheels are easy to change and give you the versatility to vend many different products. 16" Red White & Blue/CHROME gumball bulk candy vending machine.

Gumball capacity: 375 one-inch gumballs per head Coin capacity: $150 in quarters per head. Metal lid, metal base, all metal coin mechanism ABS Body Accepts 1 US quarter or 1 Canadian quarter. Shatter-resistant polycarbonate globe. Steel & Cast Iron stand

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