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Have you considered promoting your business or organization with Gumball Machines?


The use of Advertising Specialties is the most cost effective, fastest growing advertising media available. The reason - this is the best way to keep your company or organization's name in front of your customers for a longer period of time. Business cards get filed away or discarded, magazine and newspaper ads are short lived, and tv ads - way too expensive for the average advertising budget.
Here are a few ways that promotional advertising can increase your company's business.

Build Customer Loyalty
Salesmen Giveaways
Customer Entertainment
Attract New Customers
Trade Show Traffic Stopper
Customer Relations
New Product Rollout Promotions
Promote Customer Referrels
Increase Customer Image

With your company name or logo visible on a product that is in use every day, your business or organization will benefit tremendously.

Promotional Items can also be used In House, to increase employee morale or to increase job or sales productivity.

Employee Recognition
Sales Awards
Training Classes
Safety Program Referrals
Holiday Employee Gifts
Business/Executive Gifts

Organizations and Clubs can use Advertising or Promotional Specialties for Fund Raising, Door Prizes, or just to keep a high public awareness of their organization's name or  purpose.

Why Gumball Machines?

Gumball machines have been around for over 100 years and everyone from 2-100 makes use of them.
Gumball machines can be used over and over again and will not be used up like other advertising specialties such as pens, caps, magnets, scratch pads, etc.
Your name will be highly visible because gum machines are placed on a desk top or high traffic area.
People stop and chat over it. People look at it. People remember it.
Thousands of major companies have utilized the gumball machine as their choice of a premium giveaway.
We are direct importers and can offer at a lower price than any other competitor.

Some of our clients include: NEC, Colorado Army Reserve, Microsoft, Atlantic Richfield, Union Oil, Sysco Industries, HealAmerica, Turner Broadcasting, ESPN, Blue Cross, etc

The effective use of promotional items by companies depends on selection.
Make sure the item is something people don't already have a drawer full of. I mean, how many calendars can you use?
The item should also remain visible.  It's got to be something people run into on a regular basis. This gives a company lots of repeat exposure. Companies should give as much thought to promotional products as they do multimillion-dollar campaigns. Otherwise they're just throwing money away.

Marjorie Cooper, Professor of Marketing, Baylor University and a Promotional Marketing Expert.

We offer the Classic Gum and Candy Machine.....

We offer 3 sizes of these Classic style Gumball Machines
as our best choice for your promotional needs.
Three sizes are available:
The King Size (15" tall) Desk Model or with Stand (37" tall). Holds 52 oz. of Gumballs.
The Junior Size (11" tall) Desk Model only. Holds 24 oz. of Gumballs.
The Petite Size ( 9" tall) Desk Model only. Holds 13 oz. of Gumballs.
Large gumballs can be used in the King Size only. All machines can be filled with either gum, candy  or nuts. 
Corporate Pricing can be found by clicking here!
Gum and candy must be ordered separately. 5 lb. packages can be ordered by clicking here! 

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