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ACORN Gum Machine

ACORN Gum Machine


The ACORN Gum Machine, IN MINT WORKING CONDITION, makes a great, (home or office) unique gift for: CollectorsChildren (So they can save those pennies) Parents and grandmothers (Bring back the memories of "the good ol' days") Your Boss Your Clients Friends And You!

ACORN PENNY VENDOR built in the 1940's by Oak Mfg. Co., was used to dispense a chiclet or gumball for a penny. It was one of the first units of it's kind to hold 6 lbs. The machine was able to hold candy and 2,000 pennies ($20.00) which was unheard of in those times. Embossed on the lid of this machine is OAK MFG. CO,INC. LA,CA. Pat.2,337,317. Also, an acorn is embossed on the flap where the gum comes out. Oak would private label machines for other manufactures or distributors.




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