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DUBBLE BUBBLE Sugar Free Gum- 2.5  lbs

DUBBLE BUBBLE Sugar Free Gum- 2.5 lbs


Sugar Free Gumballs - 2.5 lbs.


Comes packaged in 12 / 3.25 oz. packages. ( Pack of 12)

Each gumball is individually wrapped.


  •  The perfect gum treat for diabetics, health-conscious gum lovers, or let’s face it…kids who just don’t need any more sugar! We won’t tell you these sugarless gumballs taste exactly like the regular kind, but they have a sweet bubblegum flavor and even our own kids love ‘em!






    You must be completely satisfied with your purchase! American Gumball Machine Company will ship out one or more of the above products to you. When you receive the item you ordered, inspect it carefully so that it completely meets your satisfaction. If within those 30 days for any reason it does not, please ship it back to us and upon it?s return we will immediately issue a complete refund to you. No questions asked.

    No questions asked - No risk to you whatsoever.



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