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Acorn Antique Penny Gumball Machine

Ford Antique Penny Gumball Machine

Please be advised that we received the pogo stick and our daughter is thrilled with it as she is with the complimentary gumball machine.  Many thanks and we will refer your operation/services to others.  Again thank you.
The Dodge-Hendershot family.
I just recieved the coin mech. I ordered today and wanted to let you know that it fit perfectly. I bought this machine used and had no paperwork for it and had no idea where to get the part I needed. I found you site on my frist search and was able to identify my machine from your home page. The part fits and works just fine and I recieved it in a very timely manner. Thanks for the WONDERFUL service and my granddaughter says thanks as well. I had purchased the mach. as a keepsake bank for her. Have a great year and keep up the good work.
Thank you Richard for your assistance and patience.  You have been a great help.  I did receive the locks and they did work.  Please bill my credit card at this time. 
Thanks again,
Years ago ( time flies), my grandparents bought me this huge heavy bubble gum machine (they live in California too).  Sometime in my youth, my mother painted it white.  For probably a decade it sat in storage, until a few years ago.  My husband surprised me by having it stripped and repainted red.  It looked increadible! came out of storage for all four of our kids to enjoy.
Then we had a very LARGE American Bulldog knocked it over and glass and gumballs went everywhere.  Oh sure, sounds funny, but I was devistated.  Back in storage it went for the last year. 
I was so thrilled to find your website where I was able to purchase a new globe for it.  It sits proudly in my office with many of my other beloved family treasures!  Now...if only I can figure out how to get it to limit ONE gumball per purchase.
Thanks so much!  Concidering we have four kids and two dogs...I'm sure I'll be back.
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. The gumball machine is working great. My son-in-law received the gumball machine for Christmas when he was young and he wanted to pass it down to his daughter. Thanks again.
Thank you so much.
I just wanted to say that purchasing from your company was great!!!
I received my product and I am very happy with my overall experience.
Richard, the gumball machine arrived later in the afternoon. Thank you so much for your help in tracking, this makes one little girl have a VERY happy birthday!  I certainly appreciate your interest and help,
Hi Rich, It turned out that ups screwed up, which is not a surprise to me, I went and picked it up at ups branch. Anyway I love the machine its a beauty, and I wanted to thank you for the gumballs that was a real surprise and very generous of you. I am looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future. One question I have is how many gumballs should the machine give out for a penny? it has given out different amounts each time I put a penny in.  Thanks Again  Rob   PS I look at the machine and it takes me back in time. Awesome
just love coming to this site!!  It brings back so many memories.  We use to have a gumball machine when we we children and I wish I could find it.  Again, so glad I have it bookmarked.  I adore the pet gumball machines.  Thanks again for sharing.
Dear American Gumball Machine Staff,
       Thank you so much for the gumball machine!  They say timing is everything and we had just had a really nasty doctor's visit.  It was so wonderful to come home to the gumball machine.  It made us all smile and helped us make the most of a not so nice day!  Luke loves his machine.  He smiles from ear to ear EVERY time he uses it.  We cannot thank you enough.
            Sincerely, Marci D
hi Richard! just wanted to let you know that the globe arrived, is in one piece, and fits great. we're really happy with your customer service - thanks so much, best wishes
Sarah 2004-11-24
Richard, Thank you so was my mistake. I appreciate your kindness very much. I am so excited about being able to use my gumball machine again after all this time. It was unbelievable when I searched the web for parts for a gumball machine and found your extensive site. Thank you very much and I wish you much continued success.....Teresa L. (Montgomery, Alabama) Oct, 2002

Dear Richard, Just wanted to thank you for being so helpful! The gumball machine and stand I purchased from you last month as a wedding gift was a big hit! I know the bride and groom sure weren't expecting such an unusual present (not exactly the sort of thing one registers for), but they were thrilled and it definitely fits their style (they display a Pez collection...on a shelf in their bathroom!?). I wanted to thank you personally for making sure that the gift arrived on time and for being so gracious about replacing the faulty stand. Not only that but you even threw in the gumballs and didn't charge us for shipping and handling. What a wonderful surprise! What a kind company! And thank you for enclosing a gasket to fix my own gumball machine. It's so nice to do business with such a generous and conscientious company! Good Luck to you!
Melissa Sept 4, 2001

Richard, We received your order quite sometime ago and I just wanted to drop you a note indicating that we are so happy ours is now fixed, we love it. Thank you so much for your help.
D&L Landy June 27, 2001

Rich, I just wanted you to know,  I thought you handled my situation with a total professional attitude that seems to be almost extinct in many businesses today. Thanks again for your call and I appreciate you sending me the two new bags of gumballs. Best Regards,
Deke R July 29, 2001

Richard, We received the gumball machine today.  It arrived just in time for our move.  Thank you so much for sending it out when you did.  One more day and it would have missed us.  Did you receive the payment from Amazon?  We love your web site!  We will be using the gumball machine to cheer up sick children at the Cleveland Clinic (Collin is a doctor there).  Thanks again for your kindness of sending it early.
Collin & Amy H

I was just surfing - I am so happy I found this site.  I love these old gumball machines! Thank you for the memories!

For years I have had these type of candy machines in my place because my customers have loved them but I never could understand why I received so little money from them. In the 1st days after I purchased the machines I grossed over $220. The machines work great and all I had to do was to take it out of the box and place in my place. I highly recommend VENDING DIRECT.
George H, owner of Rays Buffett
Calabasas, California

Great Service. My first month I did over $60.00 which I send to the charity that my wife and I are involved in. I never really knew if the money was going to the charity or not. Great service and nice people to do business with.
M. Cooper, owner of Marks Tru-Value Hardware
Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Richard, I just received my gumball machine. I am very happy with the quality of restoration and the over all condition. Thank you for making my experience using the internet auction a pleasant one. I will let auctions. com that I was very satisfied with the help you gave me and that I would be happy to again. Thank you, Linda

A couple of weeks ago I received my gumball machine. Great thing! I found a good place in my room were everybody can see it. I just wanted to thank you for the good communication on this deal, and I hope to do business with you again sometime...
Regards, Till G

Thank you for all the wonderful's funny how i love tweety bird and gumball machines. for you to have them both together is great i am gonna check it out now!!! have a great month too!!!!

You make it so easy to buy. We enjoy the Oak Penny very much.
Kristen and Troy
Muskegan, Wisconsin
These are great. what fun. They're in great condition.
Dave C
Walnut Creek, California

The Machine is Great!! My wife loves it. Thanks a million.
Ben R
Miles City, Montana

The machines just came today and I love them so much I'd like to order 2 more for my clients.
Eric P
Pensacola, Florida

We got the gum yesterday. Thank-you so much for your service. I know my family and I will enjoy this machine. It sure brings back the old times. and there is nothing better than the taste of that old Ford gum. Thanks again.
Randy B

Richard just to let you know that we recieved the gumball machine on Thurs. Nov. 19. It is just what I wanted. It works great. Thanks again for all you assistance.
Norma L. M

Thank you so much for your help regarding my order and generosity in substituting the machines. I will definitely recommend your company to others should they have a need and personally continue to look towards your company for future needs.
Warmest Regards,

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