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Associate Program


Ford Antique Penny Gumball MachineAntique Penny Gumball MachinesWhen I was six years old, we lived in New York City. On the next street was Mr. Abruzzi's grocery store, where my mother would shop almost every day. In the grocery store was a small red gumball machine and it was there that my life's work was formulated. If I was good, Mr. Abruzzi would give me a penny to purchase a gumball from the machine and it made me look forward to going to the store every day. It was a very happy period of time for me.
Who would have known that 48 years later, I would still be involved in the gumball business - owning and operating my very own machines. As the expression goes, "I'm like a kid in a candy store". The fond memories of those early years, led me to believe that there were folks like me who feel nostalgic and have those wonderful, simple memories of years gone by.

Richard Ackerberg

The Ford and the Acorn Penny Gumball Machines have become quite popular with both the serious collector and the nostalgia buff. Parents buy for their children and older children buy for their parents. Companies buy for their employees and clients. Either machine makes a great showpiece in office lobbies, schools, den or family room. Wonderul stories and conversations pop up wherever they are found.

If you have a web site, you can now link to your own Penny Gumball Profit Page and share in the revenue that continues to be generated by these Ageless Money Machines.

We will create your own free web site with your distinct ID Code Name imbedded in the Site for tracking purposes. You can link to your new site by graphic banner or text. Your customers will be able to order with any major credit card over our Secure Server. Customers can also order on our toll free phone number. They will be queried as to the ID Code Name on the site so that all Associates will receive the proper credit for each order.

You will be paid 15% commission on each sale generated by your Associate Web Page. Checks are issued monthly for all sales recorded for the previous month.

Click Here for an example of an Antique Penny Gumball Profit Page.

If you are interested in joining our Associate Program, please fill out the form below. We will visit your site and then e-mail our acceptance with all the proper html coding and banner information necessary to link with us.

There are no fees charged to join the Antique Penny Gumball Associate Program.

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