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Ford Antique Penny Gumball Machine
Ford Gum & Vending Co.(founded in 1934) were the original manufacturers of this machine. Each is original and in mint working condition with their own serial number that appears on the front of the machine. The Ford machine has a round globe with the FORD decal inside of it. There is a dish in the base, with a chrome finish. The advertising marque on it used to describe the charity with which the vending operator was involved.

Antique Penny Gumball Machines
from the 1930's
and 1940's

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
In Mint Working Condition.

A Great Holiday Gift Idea! An Authentic, Unique, Wonderful Gift that will bring back nostalgic memories to Parents and Grandparents, and it will intrique and bring pleasure to the Young. What a great Gift to give to your Boss - and Companies to their Key Employees - and Business Men and Women to their Clients!

Acorn Antique Penny Gumball Machine
Built in the 1940's by Oak Mfg. Co.,this machine was used to dispense a chiclet or gumball for a penny. It was one of the first units of it's kind to hold 6 lbs. The machine was able to hold candy and 2,000 pennies ($20.00) which was unheard of in those times. Embossed on the lid of this machine is OAK MFG. CO,INC. LA,CA. Pat.2,337,317. Also, an acorn is embossed on the flap where the gum comes out. Oak would private label machines for other manufactures or distributors.


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Ford Antique Penny Gum Ball Machine

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Acorn Antique Gum Ball Machine
ACORN  $109.95 $14.95

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