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Northwestern Gumball Machine
Northwestern Gumball Machine
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: northwestern
    Price: $118.90
    Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds
    The NORTHWESTERN CORP. started in the bulk vending business over 90 years ago in 1909. The company was established in Morris, Illinois by Emerson Bolen.
    Bolen represented the Fireless Cooker Company and traveled throughout South America and Africa selling his wares which were blackboards of all things.
    Upon his return to the Midwest he came upon the idea of theYankee Clipper, a novelty device that dispensed lit matches and trimmed cigars for tavern patrons.
    For bartenders and tavern owners of the day, the clever device saved them the cost of matches which were traditionally offered for free. Before long, this little device attracted the attention of two investors and in August of 1909 the Northwestern. Novelty Corporation was born. Within 9 months they had sold more than a 100,000 Yankees.
    In 1911 the company introduced the a penny match vendor and in short order over 500,000 were sold. During the Depression the company introduced a unit called the Penny Merchandiser that could not only sell gum, but also nuts and other products and from there it was full steam ahead designing and introducing in 1933 the Model 33 followed by the deluxe and then the Model 49 and then the Model 60. Introduced in the late 50's which became the standard and the workhorse of the industry.
    We have refurbished the Model 60 to look like a new machine. The Model 60 has a glass globe and can come in nickel, dime or quarter machine.

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